The 2014 high school dropout rate in North Forest was 46%. Our youth desperately need intervention, education, prevention, health & nutrition and mentoring.

Youth Development Learning Systems

Youth Development Learning Systems brings innovative pre-school / after school care, mentorship and college readiness to the most disadvantaged at-risk youth in Northeast Houston. Youth Development Learning Systems is based in a low-income Northeast Houston apartment community with over 700 residents.

Our five-point approach develops youth in the areas of Intelligence, Integrity, Involvement, Innovation and Interaction. Academic support, life skills and enrichment are offered to give youth an opportunity to specifically excel in math, science, technology and fine arts.

These inner-city youth are engaged through Hip-Hop music & dance, fun, games and food. Over 200 youth are fed a healthy snack and meal daily as nutrition is a vital part of youth success.

Do you have a heart for the disadvantaged young people?

If you have the heart and desire to help young people get back on track towards becoming productive and successful, we need your help.

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