Chigozie Nwokeafor


President | Chief Executive Officer
ATO Productions, LLC


Chigozie O. Nwokeafor was born in Nigeria, but raised in Houston, Texas. His parents have four children, Chigozie is the second born of the four. His educational background is rooted in Texas, all the way from pre-school to college. During his college years, Chigozie was educated at The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Houston, and Texas Southern University and studied geophysics, computer science, and mathematics. Chigozie started his career in the petroleum industry in 1996 and has worked for several national and international oil/gas companies. In 2003 Chigozie decided spend more time behind the camera and began writing/directing his own films. Over the years, Chigozie has written about 20 short screenplays and about 6 feature length screenplays. He’s also working on a few literary projects, including a children’s book and a couple of family friendly films, inspired by his two young boys, Faroh and Roman. In 2009 Chigozie had an impressive run in the indie film festival circuit. His 2008 short film “The Shadows – chapter one” was entered in two film festivals and brought home the highest honors in both.

Being a small business owner himself, Chigozie wanted to develop a company that would allow him to stay on the cutting edge of the digital/video revolution, while helping other small business owners along the way. ATO Productions, LLC was birthed from the need to provide small to mid-size companies the same high end technology used by larger firms, but at a fraction of the cost. Over the years ATO Productions, LLC has grown from developing live action videos and doodle animations for various businesses, to working alongside multiple nonprofit organizations to help share their varied messages.

Chigozie’s ultimate goal is to return the movie audience back to the theaters in record numbers and make the cinema the most talked about and visited spot in America. Currently, Chigozie is writing and co-directing several projects, including a handful of web series and is in pre-production for a couple of feature films. And if that wasn’t enough, Chigozie along with his business partners are developing and preparing to launch their own online high definition cable network entitled “Okay-TV”. In 2013, Chigozie started Original Seed Entertainment, Inc and has already begun creating some national buzz. One of the projects that Original Seed Entertainment, Inc is working on is an animated series entitled “The Good Pastor”. Chigozie and his team have already started casting and have some notable names in the African-American film industry already attached/interested in the project.