Hear from those we've served!

Ms. Sims

I was truly blessed in my time of need by Community Works, very nice case manager Ms Stephanie. Everyone I spoke with had excellent customer service, very sweet people, may God bless them in this season.

Liliana G.

I received help and paid my bills and bought food. I needed the help because I have been depressed and didn't get the stimulus check.

Still standing, by the grace of GOD…

There are no words to express me and my Family's gratitude. The money received helped with house note and food. We shall forever be grateful. I am so glad you all moved quickly after receiving the money and was not acting like a lot of agencies, that handle people like myself as if the money belongs to them. That has NEVER happened with Community Works CDC. You all really care about the people in our community. We don't know what we would do if you all were not here for all nationality . I salute the leadership along with your awesome Team, especially my case manager, Stephanie.

Herbert P.

They worked hard and fast!

Rickie T.

I give thanks to community works that I was able to pay bills that needed to be paid and not have to stress or worry about things and for that I am very blessed and thankful.

Donald P.

It was a Godsend! Christie was very professional.

Sherita S.

I've been overwhelmed my anxiety level extremely high new Stephanie was very patient with me my application got lost she took her time who encouraged me and resend my application and let me know that things were going to be alright I was very grateful for her is Heaven Sent!

Frank M.

I didn't have faith that somebody would want to help me because I've gone through so many bad things but miss Stephanie was excellent very helpful and encouraging very inspiring again and an awesome person thank y'all so much.

Davelyn G.

I'm writing today to honor and show high appreciation to Community Works! I first want to say thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord for such a wonderful organization and staff! To my #1 staff employee, Mrs. Christie, for great customer service and the positive and uplifting encouragement! You guys have a wonderful and incredible staff as well! To go on to how much I appreciate the I received from the organization, it's overwhelming!


First from Hurricane Harvey, I can honestly say that my apartment would be unlivable if it had not been the love and help I received. It brings tears to my eyes when I go back to flood days. I just say "Thank You Jesus!, Thank You Lord!" From the biggest to the smallest things, I am able to cope on a daily in my apartment. Not to over-do it, but from spoons/forks, to pillows, the living room set, table set, end tables, deep freezer, etc. So just imagine from nothing to something! Oh how I thank, love, and appreciate this organization!


I was blessed recently due to COVID-19! Once again, this organization and staff are so incredible that words are just not enough. I just want to say if there were more people or programs like this one, it would be a blessing to many others who are in need of help. I can only speak for myself.


So once again, thanks sooooooo much and may God continue to bless this staff and organization from the bottom of my heart!

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